Community Resources

If you are on Safe Parking LA’s wait list or experiencing homelessness and looking for additional resources please check out the links below for more information about services available in Los Angeles County.

General Resources (LA County)
Organization Service Provided Phone Number
Community Assistance Parking Program (CAPP) Assistance with parking tickets in LA  (213) 972-8470
Homeless Engagement and Response Team (HEART) Assistance with traffic and pedestrian tickets.
Referral needed from Social Service Agency 
Column 3 Value 2
Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) General Relief, CalWorks, CalFresh (Food Stamps) Column 3 Value 3
Social Services Administration (SSA)  SSI, SSDI, Social Security Card Replacement. 
Find the location nearest you. 
Column 3 Value 4
Department of Mental Health (DMH)  Mental Health Services for LA County  Column 3 Value 5
National Domestic Violence Hotline  Domestic Violence Hotline, Information, and Support  Column 3 Value 6
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)  Driver’s License/ID and Vehicle Registration Column 3 Value 7
Service Planning Area 2 (San Fernando Valley)
Organization Service Provided Phone Number
North Valley Caring Services Safe Parking, Showers, Meals, and Clothing Column 3 Value
Hope The Mission Showers, Restrooms, Storage Bins, Laundry, CES Assessment Column 3 Value 2
Service Planning Area 4 (Metro Los Angeles)
Organization Services Available Phone Number
Downtown Women’s Center Hot Meals, Day Center, Showers, Bathrooms, Women’s Clinic Services Phone
Homeless Health Care Los Angeles Refresh Spot (Shower, Laundry, Restrooms) Phone
The Laundry Truck LA Laundry Services Phone
The Midnight Mission Hot Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Phone
PAWS/LA Assistance with pet food, supplies, and veterinary care  Phone
Shower of Hope Showers Phone
St. Francis Center Los Angeles Laundry, Mailing Services, Meals, and Showers Phone
Service Planning Area 5 (West Los Angeles)
Organization Services Provided Phone Number
Shower of Hope Showers Phone
St. Joseph’s Homeless Service Center Showers, Mailing Services, Hygiene Products, CES Assessments Phone
Bread & Roses Hot Meals – Sit Down Service (9am-11:45am – Monday thru Friday) Phone
The People Concern Access Center Showers, Meals, Laundry, Mailing Service, Restrooms, CES Assessments Phone
West Los Angeles VA Campus Showers, Laundry, Meals, VASH, VA Benefits, Mental Health Services Phone
West Los Angeles Homeless General Resources in SPA 5 area Phone
Safe Place for Youth (SPY) Assistance with transitional age youth (16-25) Phone
Karma Rescue Assistance with pet food, supplies, and veterinary care Phone