Safe Parking LA provides safe overnight parking to facilitate stability and housing in Los Angeles County for individuals living in their vehicles, and advocates for fair and equitable treatment and resources for the unhoused.

nobody plans
to be unhoused.

the need is critical

In 2020, over 25% of LA County’s homeless population of 66,436 lived in their vehicles, a 12.7% increase from the previous year’s count. Safe Parking LA’s core program bridges a gap in services by employing underutilized parking lots to address the unique needs of residents whose only source of shelter is their vehicle.

who we are

Safe Parking LA is the largest safe parking program in Los Angeles.

Prior to 2014, it was illegal to reside in a vehicle in Los Angeles. ​​Once the laws changed, co-founders Pat and Ira Cohen, and Scott Sale MD, met with city officials to provide education and build a team of advocates. With help from local government and a fundraising plan in place, Safe Parking LA was born.

Since opening our first parking lot in Koreatown in 2017, Safe Parking LA has received over 6,000 online inquiries and permitted over 2,000 vehicles for safe parking. We currently operate 10 safe parking lots in LA County with the capacity to park 209 vehicles each night.