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October 14, 2023

Almost 70, unemployed, worried about his health and living in his car

September 1, 2023

Co-Founder Emily Uyeda Kantrim Named Interim Executive Director

July 13, 2023

Safe Parking LA Interview with Univision

January 19, 2023

LA Board of Airport Commissioners Approves License Agreement for Safe Parking Program Near LAX

January 12, 2023

Councilmember Blumenfeld Hosts Breakfast for Clients

October 20, 2022

Beverly Hills Day of Giving Supports Safe Parking LA

December 23, 2019

Living in her car, she was afraid and harassed. Then she found an unexpected refuge

October 5, 2022

Welcome Ori and Ellen to our Board!

September 15, 2022

UCLA Study on Vehicular Homelessness

August 16, 2022

USC Leadership Conversations with SPLA Executive Director

March 29, 2022

Small & Gutsy Interviews Safe Parking LA

March 29, 2022

The Road To Philanthropy Podcast: Serving the Homeless with Silvia Gutierrez, Safe Parking LA

July 2, 2020

Los Angeles has a major homelessness problem. These Jewish groups are helping by opening their parking lots.

February 20, 2020

LA Daily News features safe parking program

January 10, 2020

“Safe” parking lots give California homeless a lifeline

October 21, 2019

La Opinion features Safe Parking LA patrons

July 3, 2019

Car but no home? Safe parking lots spread across West Coast.

June 8, 2019

Column: Welcome to Garcetti’s L.A.: Heaps of trash, hordes of rats and very little leadership

May 30, 2019

This Memorial Day, Let’s Make Sure L.A.’s Veterans Don’t Die Homeless

April 1, 2019

Homeless Californians find safe haven in parking lots, children not spared in crisis

April 1, 2019

These parking lots give homeless people a safe place to sleep for the night

April 1, 2019

Everett OKs $25,000 to create safe parking lot for homeless

March 20, 2019

Parking lots offer safe haven for homeless Californians

December 20, 2018

L.A.’s Housing Crisis Hits Hollywood: The Entertainment Workers Living in Their Cars

December 11, 2018

For this Family, Safe Parking L.A. Was a Lifeline During the Crisis of a Lifetime

November 20, 2018

Bloomberg mentioned Safe Parking LA in their recent article about homeless crisis

November 17, 2018

The Chief Legislative Analyst recommends Blumenfield-Krekorian resolution to support Safe Parking programs

August 20, 2018

Living Behind the Wheel

July 24, 2018

LAist article highlights the need for congregation support for safe parking

June 28, 2018

Councilmembers Joe Buscaino and Bob Blumenfield visit Safe Parking LA site

June 14, 2018

Safe Parking LA partners with LA County Board of Supervisors

April 17, 2018

Safe Parking LA Launches First Safe Parking Site

March 8, 2018

Editorial: L.A. bans people from sleeping in their cars but lets them sleep on the sidewalk. That’s ridiculous

February 20, 2018

California’s Hidden Homeless

December 6, 2017

Dr. Sale’s speech to Los Angeles Homeless and Poverty Committee

May 20, 2017

Establish Citywide Safe Parking Program