Los Angeles, CA – Safe Parking LA, a nationally recognized agency that operates safe parking services for the unhoused, is excited to announce Matthew Tecle’s appointment as its new Executive Director. Matthew brings extensive experience in the nonprofit and public sectors, as well as an in-depth knowledge of homelessness policy and the civic infrastructure in the City and County of Los Angeles. His appointment marks a significant milestone as the organization solidifies its regional presence.

“Households experiencing vehicular homelessness make up the largest percentage of the unsheltered population in Los Angeles, yet generally receive fewer services than others who are more visibly unsheltered,” said Matthew Tecle. “Living out of one’s vehicle is frequently the first experience of homelessness and represents one of the best opportunities for service providers to intervene to resolve that crisis before it deepens and results in cyclical homelessness. We can do better, and we must.”

Born and raised in LA as a child of an Eritrean immigrant, Matthew’s heartfelt connection to the community has driven his dedication and service to the Los Angeles region. Before joining Safe Parking LA, Matthew served as the Associate Director for City/County Coordination at the Department of Health Services Housing for Health. In this role, he supported Street-Based Engagement and Mobile Clinic programs, working closely with elected officials and community groups to deliver crucial services to individuals experiencing homelessness across LA County.

Matthew also led the Department of Public Health’s first People Experiencing Homelessness Vaccination Unit, where he assembled and lead a multi-disciplinary team to provide essential health services, including vaccination, STI testing, and harm reduction supplies to sheltered and unsheltered community members. During the pandemic, Matthew served on the COVID Response Team at Housing for Health as the operations manager and chief of staff for the COVID Response Director. He played a critical role in expanding the team from 40 to 350 staff members there, enhancing LA County’s response to homelessness during the pandemic.

Before his tenure at the County of Los Angeles, Matthew served as a Field Deputy and later Deputy District Director for Council District 11 under Councilmember Mike Bonin. He advocated for initiatives to combat homelessness, promote walkable streets, and uplift environmental justice. His efforts in Westchester and West LA, including the successful introduction of Safe Parking LA’s programs to the district, garnered the support of local stakeholders and civic groups, showcasing his ability to convene and influence diverse community members.

“Safe Parking LA is thrilled to have Matthew on board as we continue to respond to the crisis on our streets. We have known Matthew for a number of years, and he has the experience necessary to make Safe Parking LA a more efficient, responsive, and impactful partner to the community,” said Scott R. Sale, MD, Founder and Board Chair of Safe Parking LA.

In his new role as Executive Director, Matthew will champion Safe Parking LA’s mission to provide safe parking and supportive services to individuals and families experiencing vehicular homelessness in the Greater Los Angeles Area. With Matthew at the helm, the agency is poised to evolve its strategies to address the vulnerabilities of people sheltering in vehicles and expedite their pathways into housing. He will lead a strategic planning process to guide the organization in the years ahead.

Matthew Tecle was chosen as the next Executive Director after an extensive search and recruitment process led by Safe Parking LA’s search committee and facilitated by Envision Consulting.


Carmela Carreno at carmelac@safeparkingla.org or (213) 408-2222.


Safe Parking LA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access and engagement to individuals and families experiencing vehicular homelessness in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Its programs provide safety through secure overnight parking, basic dignity by restoring much-needed access to restrooms and running water, and supportive services to facilitate pathways to health and stable housing. Since its inception in 2017, Safe Parking LA has received over 10,000 inquiries and permitted over 2,500 vehicles for safe parking. As the only local agency of its kind exclusively focused on vehicular homelessness and the operator of the largest network of safe parking programs in Los Angeles, Safe Parking LA provides counsel and technical support in developing other safe parking programs in the region and beyond.

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